Not too much to say, I'm just a guy who likes to play with photoshop, and appreciates attractive women.

I've been running this site in various forms since 2000. It began as straight html manually edited and ftp'd to an add-supported webhost. For awhile it was on blogger from around, and then wordpress. In 2012 I replaced wordpress with a web app I built to run the site on PHP, and in 2014 I built the current iteration, which uses PHP to generate static pages and cached preview images.

During the wordpress time I realized I could upload the wallpaper and set the post date in the future. I've run the site that way ever since, keeping a queue of images sometimes a month or more in advance of the posting schedule. The current schedule is Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and a calendar series that updates on the first of every month.

The details of how I publish the site have changed over the years, as has the methods I use to find images to work from, and my photoshop techniques. (Seriously, the first year or so of works are not great) But I enjoy making them, and I hope you enjoy seeing them. I enjoy any kind of feedback from my visitors, so please feel free to comment on any of my postings.

~ Spartacus

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