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Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliot Reid on 'Scrubs' one of my all-time favorite shows. I tried for quite a different style here, kind of an Andy Warhol feel.
Welcome all visitors from the irc channels, (and anywhere else) look around and enjoy my stuff. The wallpapers are all posted by creation date, thanks to the magic of timestamp manipulation, since blogs didn't even exist back in 2001. The "entire archive" link will show you thumbnails of every wallpaper I've posted to date. Enjoy them and feel free to post comments, I love to hear from fans or just visitors. I do put some time into these and I'd like to know if people like them and I'm not just wasting time. I'm very open to suggestions, and I can do requests, a few of the wallpapers here were done as a favor or because of a suggestion of a friend. Anyway, enough said, I'll continue to let the images speak for themselves.
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